Campbell Manion specializes in all aspects of the commercialization process, and will tailor services based on the need of each individual innovator. Our clients range from academics to entrepreneurs to small businesses, all of whom need assistance with some or all of journey to market. We will help navigate from initial analysis and market assessment all the way through production, or only specific steps in the process depending on what is best for our clients and what, in our view, optimizes results. 

We will usher ideas from innovation to market, or tailor our services to include one or many of the steps along the way based on individual client needs:

  • Research Funding and Grants
  • Market Need Assessment
  • Technical and Economic Feasibility
  • Engineering Prototype
  • Strategic Business Plans
  • Market Validation
  • Package and Present for Financing


  • Alternative Financing Assistance
  • Technology Patent Exploration
  • Patents and Trademarking
  • Licensing
  • Intellectual Property
  • Product Commercialization and Marketing